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Thank you letter from Mrs. Fokin.

I would like to again thank those who knew and loved Igor, and those who helped me and my children in the time after his untimely death. 

I am grateful for your kindness, warm words and letters. I so appreciate the memorial to Igor in Harvard Square — a sculpture of everyone’s favorite puppet, Doo-Doo.

I am also grateful to Igor’s friends and fellow performers for their support and understanding. Because of you I was able to buy a small apartment in our native city, St. Petersburg. And, I was able to pay for medical bills for my daughter, who has a blood disease.

I would especially like to thank all of Igor and my friends who have continued to communicate with us since we left America — Leonard Solomon, Tak, Jim Show, Peter Panic, Dan, Yelena Demikovsky, Galina Hatutsky, Lena Goncharova, Izabel Legarda, Konstantin Simun. And thanks to others who have helped me support my children.

Thanks to Jim Show for Igor's website.

Thanks to Yelena Demikovsky for making the artistic and truthful film about Igor, The Story of Fenist, and sending the proceeds from its sale to support my children.

Thanks for the memory of Igor. It is very important to me and my children.

- Anastasia Fokina-Khanina


Igor Fokin’s many fans’ generosity has been very moving and greatly appreciated by the family. To learn more about making a donation, email info@igorfokinfamily.org.

There are several documentary films about Igor. The Story of Fenist by Yelena Demikovsky was authorized and all proceeds from this film’s sale go to the Fokin family. Another documentary, The Puppeteer by Chris Schmidt, was not authorized by the family. (View disclaimer)

To contact the family, please email us at info@igorfokinfamily.org.